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Welcome to Gravity, but a climbing center, working with Spanish brands, with no deductibles and directly with suppliers and manufacturers.
Gravity we not only focus on modernization, improvement, training and education of climbers of all ages, because this sport is based on the control body will complement the sporting activities with yoga, pilates, yoga air, and hipopresivos Tai Chi.
Owing not only the sport, but from day to day, we have consultation physiotherapist. All always looking for a healthy environment, where the sport, the sport and the health of body and mind are the cornerstones of the center.
In our social area you can enjoy a nice view of the climbing wall while resting over coffee, chocolate or soft drink or just watching as the smaller scale.
As important as the sport is training and information seminars, lectures, conferences were held ....
It's just the beginning, visit us and discover what we offer ..
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